Sunday, 9 February 2014

Wahts been Cranking

So then since my last post I've been getting out a bit, not as much as I would like but who ever gets out as much as they like.

the main trip I've done in the last few weeks was up in the infamous Peak District, I woke up on the Wednesday and looked at the weather around the country and saw that condition where going to be prime up there so I asked Drew if he wanted to crank his way up to the peak.

With his well know knowledge of the area it would be the best person to go with. On the Friday we headed up from the sunny south coast up to the Roaches one of Drew's favourite areas. we got the for about lunch time and went for a boulder, we warmed up on a cool bloc with the first problem being pocket wall a v1, with it being my first time on the grit for a very long time I was sceptical on how I would get on. after a failed attempt I got up it and then started to smash some other problems out. We then headed up to some high ball/ Solo problems and that was something different all together that I don't ever do, Drew cruised up them and then it was my go and little to say I  was bricking it even though it was easy climbing.

Then next day we had plans to head to Burbage but when we arrived we found two inches of snow on the deck and water running everywhere so we headed over to Cratcliffe and robin hoods stride, and amazing bouldering area it seems. What a day we had with sending lots of routes and my favourite would of had to been T-Crack one of the best problems I've done for a long time.

On the last day we headed over to Curbar for some more bouldering and that was another sweet place to visit and made me so jealous that there where so many awesome areas in such a small area.

Drew on Razor Roof

Drew on Road Rage 7b+

Me on maybe one of the best routes on Portland "road rage"
Photo Tommy Harris

Now back on the south coast it has been none stop rain floods and horrible weather fingers crossed it gets better.

o well off to font next week AHHHHHHHHHHH

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